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TrueBPM   = Highest Productivity + No Recurring Fees!


ProMation Systems provides TrueBPM as a custom software development platform focused directly on automating business processes. TrueBPM is a Starter System – fully developed with at least one fully functional Automated Business Process (ABP).  ProMation will, through the design, development, and deployment of three business processes, prepare your people to automate many more. This approach gives you an unequaled performance-oriented BPM System.


Designed by your Process Design Teams, each of your business process will be a True Representation of how your people actually do their work.


Don't just settle for keeping up. TrueBPM is Genuinely Better!


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TrueBPM can hold as many processes as you need it to.  In addition, many processes naturally link to each other - the diagram to the left shows many examples.  TrueBPM lets you create a new record in a different process with a single click.  Applicable information is copied from the initiating process record to the follow-on process record. You'll be able to quickly move back and forth between records whenever you need to later on.
TrueBPM is a Windows Forms + SQL Server client-server application - and does not need continuous maintenance by a developer.  
TrueBPM Process Interactions
TrueBPM Maintenance Comparison
Each of these pdf documents will open immediately on-screen.  Once open, they are downloadable.

Early in the recession we anticipated a significant workload increase of about 5 temporary people for a year.  But it turned out that we were able to use the Supplier Approval process in our ProMation System and we didn't need to hire anyone.

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